iCloud is full,time to blog

So there has to be some data wizard at Apple that can identify new parents by how quickly they go from averaging a couple pictures a day, to about 150 pictures an hour.

392 hours of my fatherhood experience have not in fact produced 58,800 pictures, but the spike in pics, and the drain on memory storage is noticeable.  Just my phone memory storage though, my personal memory storage is just getting warmed up.  In fact I would like to think that although I am getting older by the minute, my grey matter hard drive has plenty of room for all the wonderful memories Kate will allow me to upload.  Even sleep-deprived-pseudo-hallucinogenic-quasi-memories as well.

It’s not like my dreams were of nasty diapers and spit up rags before Kate so that nightmare must have been real right?

Maybe it is the newness of it all? Or the velocity at which life seems to be moving? Maybe both?  It seems so long ago my beautiful Sarah and I were looking at the most riveting image of our lives, Kate’s first ultrasound. Months later,Sarah and I sat reviewing two weeks of new life images which are equally as riveting, but all the more surreal.

The urge to document every second is so strong that I wonder if the first cave paintings weren’t in fact motivated by new parents wanting to remember the world of their child just like my wife and I want to remember all that is Kate’s world now.

The best thing is that as the iPhone fills up, the data cards mount, and the folders in ‘My Pictures’ multiply like irish rabbits, so to does my personal memory bank fill. All 392 hours are not recorded electronically, but they are never to be forgotten. Maybe a great picture opportunity was missed, but only because picking up a camera or iPhone meant taking a hand off Kate or Sarah.

My hope is to create in my Dad life a million electronic memories.They will all be cherished.

However if I ever want to see Kate’s baby smile, or hear her little newborn sneeze (SO CUTE!), or see Sarah holding Kate for the first time, I don’t need to reach for my phone.

All I have to do is close my eyes.

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  1. Your words blow me away — you are such a great husband and dad. Proud to be a part of your life and Kate’s “village”. Love you! Teri

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Sean, you need to write a book or something. The things you say, how you word them, and the thoughts behind them are just incredible! I love reading your blogs. Tell Sarah hello for me and I can’t wait to see you all and to meet baby Kate! Love you guys!

    1. Beth, thank you so much for the kind words and for supporting and reading the blog. Hope each post gets better as I get more practice. Who knows, maybe a book in 2018 might be something to aim for. ; )

  3. I understand how much you don’t want to miss a single minute. So, I will pass along some advice I was given by a good friend before our trip to Alaska: get out from behind the camera and enjoy where you are!!
    So be sure just to immerse yourself in your child’s life….you won’t miss anything!

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