Babies,Vegas. Babies

So we are seven weeks in to this adventure.  The dad adventure for me, the mom, adventure for Sarah, and of course the life adventure for Kate.  Having spent 38 and 36 years respectively in this thing called life you would think mom and dad could handle a mere seven weeks….

Ha! Seven weeks of newborn life would be like spending seven weeks in Vegas.

  • At any moment you can and will see something that you have never seen before that blows your mind
  • Like a hotel concierge, Grandma, Grandpa and others will comp you meals
  • At any moment you can and will see something that you have never seen before that will seriously gross you out
  • You will spend money faster that you thought was humanly possible
  • You are 3 times as likely to fall asleep anywhere other than your own bed
  • You are 10 times as likely not to sleep at all
  • You have no idea what day it is let alone what time it is
  • You love the group you are with but you will dissapear for alone time to  shop, drink, eat or just sit alone in the dark
  • At least once a day you think to yourself: “How the hell does she drink that much? You just had a bottle an hour ago!”
  • There is always some device beeping, ringing, blinking, within earshot
  • You will hear this beeping, ringing in your head at all times. Even when sitting alone in the dark
  • Always tracking down others for input to plan the next hours of activity
  • Adjusting and abandoning those plans because someone in the group is crying/sleeping/fussy/ or not mature enough to be around strangers
  • Wake up times at 3:00 in the afternoon or 3;00 am are perfectly reasonable
  • Less adult drinks but just as much vomit
  • Uproarious laughter at the weirdest times for the weirdest reasons
  • Lots of activities that you pretend to know how to do correctly (you read a book or watched a video) but in all reality you are just winging it.  Seriously, how different is the first time you played craps than the first time you pack a diaper bag and all the other gear for a sleepover at Grandmas.
  • Did I mention no sleep..
  • There is a perpetual, and simultaneous feeling of super anxiety that you do not have enough money to make it through combined with the zen undertones of knowing certain bets pay off in the long run

Like the four times I have been to Vegas where each time I planned to conquer the roller coaster on top of the stratosphere, the blog keeps getting the “next time” treatment.

Thought this would be a funny way to dive back in.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I love it! This is a great comparison (although I only truly know the Vegas side – but I will take your word for the rest of it!)! Great stuff. Hang in there! Jane

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