Suprise! It’s a …..

So “nugget” is now retired.  It was a good run for that nickname but it is time to move on to the real deal.

If you have not been plugged in to the electronic command center of  texts, emails, phone calls and FaceBook posts that comprise the baby Wiegert updates stream then fair warning now:  #Spoiledbabyspoileralert #notkidding

Katherine Helen Wiegert was welcomed in to this world 4:04 a.m. October 23, 2014.

It’s not that I am too lazy to type details of the labor or unwilling to share details on birth weight and such.  It is just that repeating these details to all our visitors, friends and family is part of the initiation phase of new parent status.  it is a good test for mom and dad to see if we can in our sleep deprived state keep the facts of the stories straight, as well as an opportunity to build up our reserves of patience listening to the same anecdotes repeated over a 72 hour period.

(**NOTE** Who am I kidding. There is a good chance all my 25 stories have been repeated at least 500 times each.  At least now they might come with cute baby pics)

For now the stories of these first few days will be repeated.

Mostly because Kate has been born in to a family & friend community with open ears and huge hearts.

Also because all those who passed messages through that electronic command center, all those who stopped by, and all those who will do both and more in the days to come can see in this dad and moms eyes that what we he have received with Kate has so far exceeded our imaginations that we just have to tell you all again and again.

Welcome to the world Kate. We love you.

Welcome to the world Kate. We love you.

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