Just staring at a coat waiting for baby…

Already little “nugget” is taking after his pops.

*Not wanting to know the results of the Y chromosome coin flip is the route my wife and I have chosen.  Not to pick sides, or names before the big surprise, we have dubbed our little ovenbun “nugget”.

See little nugget’s mom had to wait five years for wedding day to arrive.  Now mom is five days from due date and nugget is just chillin’. Not fair.

We get it little one. You are cozy.  Like your dad you like to sleep in.  Like your dad you like to move at your own pace.  Like your dad nobody tells you what your due date is!

Little dude or dudette, your dad gets it. It’s just that dad and mom are really excited to meet you.  See we walk by this coat every morning and every night.  Always brings smiles when we see it.  Smiles, and laughs, and giggles, and tummy talks, and excitement.

We want to meet you.  We want to show you this wonderful world. We want to introduce you to an incredible family.  We want to swaddle you and yes we even want to change your little diapers. We want you to put your arms in this coat and get ready for some big hugs.

Your dad always wanted to start a blog.  Only took me 38 years to get it done.  So if dad can hunt and peck his way through blog post number one, can’t my little nugget come get this coat?

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