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Who is Thisdadstl a.k.a. Sean Wiegert?

Father to two amazing daughters. Husband to an equally amazing woman,. Striving daily to be the best version of myself in all the roles I have. i.e. husband, father, brother, son, uncle, friend, citizen, human.

Writing to respect the past, reflect on the present, and recon my future.

This literary stew slow-cooked with aged laughs, a few tears, slices of controversy, a pinch of sarcasm, a double serving of freshly grown gratitude and extra portions of empathy and perspective.

New for 2020 and beyond. The same chef but a new menu and new layout. Each below item represents a subset of Thisdads perspective and experience. Over the next few days, weeks, months posts in each category will be published.

  • Dad Life Daughter #1: Sweet and Sassy Katherine Helen
  • Dad Life Daughter #2: Lion-Heart-Down-Syndrome-Angel Chloe Grace
  • Husband Life with my Life Partner Sarah
  • GeneralDadLifeStuff
  • Non-Sequitur Stuff: Sports, Movies, Food, The World, #whatevs

What I am not compelled to do is answer life’s questions. What I am called to do is keep asking them.

Curiosity for curiosity sake to me is jet fuel for the soul. If you agree I think you will enjoy this blog.

If you seek to unearth pure-gold-joy in the smallest of details and milk-out-the nose laughs in everyday moments I think you will enjoy this blog.

If you accept vulnerability is strength, and strength is measured by how much you hold others up, not how much you hold others down, I think you will enjoy this blog.

If you appreciate the journey to your best self is laid out on a map with no corners, navigated with a compass where true North is pointing at a pole that might shift on you, I think you will enjoy this blog.

If you can appreciate that my goal is to be the silliest possible philosopher dad possible I think you will enjoy this blog.

Hope you subscribe. Hope you read. Hope you comment. Hope you enjoy.


Sean Wiegert

Photo by Ben Karpinski on Unsplash

2 Thoughts

  1. I get so excited every time I get a notification – yes I get notified every time my favorite brother in law (don’t tell the others) – posts to his blog. Is that the right verbiage?

    Anyway, you are so eloquent with your words, thoughts and intentions, which is almost a lost art. People are so consumed with realty tv (guilty to a point) the literary interpretation of things is an after thought.

    I can say this for myself and for the whole family, our family would not be complete without you. You are the most amazing husband, brother-in-law, friend, and father in the universe. And I have high standards with Bob and Ron. It doesn’t matter how crappy a day you’ve had, you always (and I mean always) enter your home with the utmost excitement to greet your girls, and your wife (and me when I’m there :-))

    You are amazing, and I can’t imagine our lives without you. Love you.

  2. Keep writing Sean. I look forward to reading each time I see your post.
    Besides…it’s therapeutic.

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