“Ball”, “Baby”, “Puppie”, “BaBa” (aka “Bottle”) are just a few of the words Kate has incorporated in to her 62 week on earth vocabulary.  All fun, especially her soft voice drawn out “Bay-Bee” when she see other kids.

Nothing in her growing Grey matter dictionary is better than her lip-finger-flip “Bibblls”!

Remember those. The ol’ finger over the mouth, up and down bibbll, bibbll, hilarity.

If you don’t know what I am talking about then being born in Russia and living under rocks is so much worse than advertised. If you do know what I am talking about then stop now and live a little

Seriously. You know you are staring at a screen of some sort. Probably in a room with others also staring at screens. No judgment here as I can’t thank you enough for supporting the blog. However, I promise you will enjoy this. Work with me:

1. Purse lips

2. Index finger straight out up to lips.

3. Decide between low hum or a more high pitch alto range tune

4. Move finger up and down until everyone is staring at you

5. Laugh

6. Repeat

If you did not do this then your soul has been corrupted. Get over yourself. Scroll up, let go, and DO IT!

Maybe I am over stating it, but Kate’s little “Bibblls” crack me up every time. She has a few different versions for every occasion an they all remind me of just how relaxed, fun, and spontaneous childhood should be.

The bored bicycle-style, finger-walking, lip-flipping Bibblls right before she falls asleep.

The pre meal snare-drum quick-tempo Bibblls are ridiculous.

The not-quite-sure, serious face baby Bibblls with her hand on dads lips are a treasure.

So silly and so perfect. Exactly what being a kid should be, and exactly what I want Kate to soak up. So have fun, and remember that if you can’t stop what you are doing, make a silly face at a loved one, and have some good time old school Bibbll laughs there is always Zoloft.

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