Day Dream Tax

Money has never made man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants.
-Benjamin Franklin

Nine days into 2016 and I am only a few hours and 0.000000003% away from $558,000,000 million. Whoda thunk it.

Lottery tickets not necessarily a blog topic that was one at the top of my list, but in my lifetime there have been a few ginormous jackpots that move the cultural needle and spark the ubiquitous “What would you do if you won _____”? conversations.

These conversations often include big trips to exotic beaches, blazing speeds in finely engineered vehicles, and of course the obligatory ranking of whom exactly in ones life is the cutoff line for getting a new house. **$558,000,000 and even third cousins are getting virtual homes from imaginary benefactors all over powerball land**

What would I do with that money? 

Who cares. The odds are higher that lighting strikes me twice in my life before that money sees the ol’ checking account. Not that Nate Silver has done the research but pretty sure odds are better for the double lighting strikes granting me super powers before my lottery assisted fleet of yachts set sail.

Super Powers. Now THAT would be a fun blog post.

Would I really want to win? Really? Deep down? For realz?

Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.  -Woody Allen

Having money is great. Understatement of the century. Having instant half-a-billion money? I’m not so sure.

My life might be easier, but teaching Kate work ethic, discipline, morals, anything really is a half-a-billion harder.

Of course more people will actually follow the “No Gifts” instructions to Kate’s birthday parties. At some point Kate is going to want to know why dad can fly his friends to Morocco for her party, but he is not buying any more *bleepin* shopkins!

It would be super fun, for me that is, to be a soccer dad at the most prestigious school in America because $2 and a stop at Quicktrip.

Life would change. For the better…. for the worse….

How do you trade $2 for half-a-billion and then say no to someone who asks for “a little help”.

How big are the homes I am supposed to buy everyone.

How awkward is Thanksgiving when I bring the same old cheese dips from Dierbergs.

Every dinner, and I mean everyone, it is super awkward  when I ask if your “getting the tip”?

It goes on and on. Day dreaming away. Both the good and the bad.

So have fun out there paying your $2-day-dream-tax.

If you win and we are third,fourth, or fifth cousins, I hope you throw me a financial bone.

If the $2 bet does not pay off, my plan is still to leave Kate still a fortune

Might be a fortune in Dad Jokes. A fortune in life lessons. A fortune in words written down out of love and support. Maybe a fortune in money. Maybe not. Maybe all of the above.

My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear the most precious resource we all have is time. -Steve Jobs

Regardless of the $2 powerball daydream results, so long as I have time to work on my fortune, things will be just fine. Not half-a-billion fine, but fine none the less.

Thanks for reading.

Sean- aka Thisdadstl

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