Resolute vs Resolutions

Been a minute. Been a crazy couple of years.

Truth be told, for myself and my family, mostly good years. In fact a lot of great stuff has happened the last couple years. Normally stuff I would write about.

Knowing the opposite was case for so many others I never felt the time was right to write. Or rather the right time to publish.

But life marches on. It always does.

The calendar turns over as gentle as the orange and red leaves soon to blanket suburban lawns. The final third of 2021 begins.

Fall 2021 like so many before will be:

  • Wearing your new fall sweater first week of school when it’s eighty degrees season
  • Too-soon pumpkin latte season
  • Not soon enough pumpkin stout season
  • Cant wait for college football season (GOTIGERS)
  • Just maybe by the skin of their teeth St. Louis Cardinals playoff season
  • Dad breaks out the firepit even though it’s STILL EIGHTY DEGREES OUT season

This is what I call the log-flume ride part of the year.

September is pile in the log/boat and prepared to get wet part…

Little hill, little splash. Halloween.

Medium hill, medium splash. Thanksgiving.

December pitches the boat up for that slow climb to the last drop.

Wave at the people on the bridge you are about to soak. Smile for the cameras and gift shop photo! Christmas.

BIG SPLASH. Happy New Year 2022!!!!!!

Seventeen weeks and a few days until we all collectively mark a new fifty-two week lap around the sun. If we are so lucky we will keep touring this amusement park life and hop on the flume again next fall.

Seventeen weeks until the new goals, new weights, new plans, and new everything. So like sixteen weeks and five days until resolution season.


Seventeen weeks to squeeze the last drops of joy out of each moment as best you can and know that any day is the right day to get back to doing something that brings you happiness.

Writing brings me happiness. So I am going to do more of it. Rather I will publish more of it as I always write I just don’t always publish. Tonight however I focused on being resolute in my goal to finish the year strong.

Turning off the TV. Firing up the keyboard and just typing.

Resolute = an attitude of focused determination, and fortitude in the face of obstacles faced on a journey towards a personal goal. (thisdadstl definiton, not Oxford)

Resolutions = the gym membership you should have canceled three months ago or for me the post I didn’t publish

What I do not do was think about a post only to scroll through netflix menu. See resolutions are ideas. Thoughts. They aren’t actions.

We all have A LOT of 2021 left!


January 1st. September 1st. Your Birthday. Your kids birthday. Tomorrow. The day after tomorrow. Its NOT what you didn’t do before, Its ABSOLUTELY what you will do moving forward.

I am resolved to be resolute. Resolved to explore some strategies and perspectives on how any and all of us can make the most of the time we have. Maybe I can bring a few of you along with me.

Aside from my boring journey towards personal growth what’s most important is:

I have over two years of just amazing stories from my two little lion-heart-angel-princess-monkey-head-wonderful-little-girls!

So the fun stuff is coming!

Thanks as always for reading. It means more than you know.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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