Have to Get a new perspective…

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
― Abraham Lincoln  (click to tweet)

First off need to give credit where credit is due: Inspiration for this post came from another blogger James Clear.  Specifically this post on his blog. My suggestion is to subscribe to his blog or email newsletter. If not my favorite blog, definitely one of my top 3. 

Take away from the post is you can change your life by changing your perspective. Changing your perspective starts with changing just one word: “Get”

You don’t “have “to. You “get to- James Clear

Did I have to change diapers, lose sleep, buy formula, buy formula, buy formula, buy formula….


Did I get to laugh hysterically the first time I was holding a full on blowout baby. Wondering just how little baby poo could be kept from my hands, the walls, the floor, THE BABY, while we attempted the diaper change?

Did I get to stare at the baby laying next to me at night in her little bassinet, sleep be damned, that memory is worth it

Did I get have to spend a fortune on formula? Yep. Not even going to try and spin this one.

No baby is necessary for this perspective change…

Nor is all that we get to do genuinely worthwhile or life affirming. Positivity one of my strengths. Naivety not one of my weaknesses.

Can you even imagine the comments thread for this article?: “Taxes: Have to pay them or Get to pay them”? #Yikes

Won’t speak for Mr. Clear, but reading his post was the kindling needed for me to ignite a new perspective fire under my butt. It is a fire that I effort to keep burning every day. Often a struggle, but such is life.

Will speak for only me. Changing this one word, as often as I can, has effected a significant lift in my life.  Maybe this post will do for someone else what Mr. Clear’s post did for me?

Changing a word, a perspective is not a magic wand, genie-in-a-bottle solution.

Changing a word, a perspective can be powerful first step to changing a life. It was for me.

You don’t have to change after reading this, but I get a chance to try.

Thank you for reading.


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