Do The Next Right Thing…

Do the next right thing…

Disney+ released Frozen II early for all of us coming to grips with home bound life for the foreseeable days ahead.

No spoilers but there is a song in the movie about what to do at the lowest, saddest, hardest moment. Ultimately all one can do is “the next right thing”.

Thought maybe as we all face such uncertain, scary, sad, trying times I would suggest a few steps for us all to consider…

Step One: Mindset

USA Confirmed Cases

  • Jan 22 – 1st Case
  • Feb 1 – 8 Feb 15 – 15
  • March 1 – 76
  • March 15 – 3000 and counting
  • Data source

This problem is growing exponentially. If you think you understand what that means, watch this video and see how close you are.

This is not “getting out of hand”. Its out.

Not a hoax. Not overblown. Not only for the old. Not only for the weak.

This is spreading Exponentially. Don’t fight that fact. Embrace it. This is the first best thing.

Now you have the mindset to contribute to the work ahead

Step Two: Pause Blame

We did not test early enough.

We did not test often enough

Those two facts have been true for 7 weeks.

There will absolutely be a time to examine the mistakes and successes of any and all parties in the future. I have STRONG opinions on these points but what do those opinions matter now. They don’t. Not now.

Pause the blame. Do. Not. Forget.

Just Pause. OK. Next.

Step Three: ACT NOW

March 15, 2020

Airports are full. Bars are full. Restaurants are full. The absurd run on toilet paper and bottled water supplies is nowhere near the run on hospital supplies are headed towards.

Shut down schools. Test as many as possible as fast as possible.

Shut down flights. Test as many as possible as fast as possible

Shut down everything. Test as many as possible as fast as possible.

And for the love of god please stay home if you can. To any and all that think their individual actions do not make a HUGE difference please read this:

I do not type those words cavalierly or without reflection. Keystrokes are not small business bankruptcies, parents without daycare, weddings canceled, proms canceled, jobs lost. All awful. Absolutely awful.

But we need to save lives. This is a choice between awful and devastating. We must choose the former to avoid the latter. Please check the link below for why this is so critical.

Still don’t believe me? Please read this:

Step Four: Demand Help from Power

Deploy national guard and army engineers to our health care workers and institutions. If China can build temp hospitals so can we. As much money and capacity needed for ICU beds, ventilators, masks, gloves, supplies have to be mobilized.

Begin recruiting and training volunteer support in non-critical medical care roles. If this disease really impacts those under thirty less then this could be the millennial generations finest hour. Airlines and cruise companies can wait. Trucking, food supply shifts, grocery support should be the next highest priority. Make tests for this sector a priority.

Uber/Lyft/Meal delivery driver testing next. A great chain to local business and a population under basic quarantine. We are not China. If the national guard comes out to lock people in cities there will be riots (see Paris the last few days)

There are about two dozen other ideas but the main focus has to be on the health side. Fix that, then fix economy. Utterly futile to try repairs in reverse order.

Step Five: Demand help from Within

Help from Power (a.k.a. government) will be essential. Help from each other will be the difference.

My pantry is full. Somewhere a pantry is not. I want to help.

My daughter has down syndrome and was in the hospital a month ago with pneumonia. I have to keep her safe.

I turn forty-four in three days. So far most data suggests I would be fine. However if nature dealt me genes that this virus can take advantage of it could be bad. Like no forty-five bad.

A disease for mostly older people IS NOT THE SAME as a disease for only older people.

The next few weeks I will have to balance my close-orbit(family) and wide-orbit(work, school, community) obligations. Gut check time. Do I want to die on a ventilator in some hospital hallway? Do I want to hoard money, time, supplies, empathy? Neither. Hopefully it wont get that bad. If it does I will be tested.

The next few weeks we will all have to balance my close-orbit(family) and wide-orbit(work, school, community) obligations. Do you want to die attached to a ventilator in some hospital hallway? Do you want your loved ones to die attached to a ventilator in some hospital hallway? Do you want to hoard money, time, supplies, empathy? Tough questions. Hopefully it wont get that bad. If it does you will be tested.

How all of us balance these orbits will be the measure of our individual and collective character.

Despite the videos of toilet paper hoarding mobs, my bet is on us and my bet is “all in”.

Sixth Step: Stay Positive. Stay Frosty.

NONE of us were prepared for this. Not really.

ALL of us are more resilient that we imagine.

When the sun rises tomorrow and the next day and the next.

Do the next right thing, then the next, and the next.

We will absolutely get through this.

Whose with me?

“With the dawn, I will win.”

Nessun Dorma from Turandot

Main Photo by Ambir Tolang on Unsplash

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  1. Nice job Sean, we know what we must do, now we need to courage and fortitude to do it. You’ve laid it out well here….

  2. Your words echo my thoughts. Let’s all buckle down and to quote The Mandalorian: this is the way

  3. You are so important to many of us. Thank you for your post. Yes we will do the right thing. Love to you and your family.

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